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GIF Optimizer compresses GIF files making them smaller
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In the age of short attention span, GIFs have become more popular than ever. While a video is often too long for our quick lives, GIFs manage to synthesize an interesting or funny part of whatever they display for only a few, short seconds. Since they often sacrifice quality for size, as the latter one ensures faster download and display speed, GIFs have to feature suitable sizes for being embedded onto webpages. This is where tools like GIF Optimizer come into play. GIF Optimizer compresses GIF files, making them smaller. And by being smaller, they eat up less disk space, get to be displayed faster, and help to save money on bandwidth costs.

When it comes to compressing GIFs, the quality often gets sacrificed in favour of a smaller size, but GIF Optimizer lets you also control this aspect: the quality, by providing handy previewing panels that let you see how a GIF will look like once it is “optimized”.

I also like the options of this tool, as they also show how exactly the GIF is compressed, and toggle these methods on or off. These methods include removing redundant pixels, deleting unused palette entries, cropping transparent images, disabling interlacing, and even reducing colours.

To sum it all up, GIF Optimizer is a small, simple, and reliable tool that offers a convenient method of shrinking GIF files. Last but not least, this handy application is also completely free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Allows previewing the GIF optimization result
  • Free
  • Shows the compression methods and lets you customize their usage


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